Critique of Call

Critique of Call

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Civilization is a totality, encompassing everything. The totalizing has produced a desert, and as the sand mounts the writers begin to focus on specific inhabitants of the desert, those who organize against the desert. A specific group, and The Call aims for a specific group within that specific group. Those who organize in a particular way.

The call is aimed at those who hold something in common, for those who already consider the ideas of the authors as evident. The call makes clear the shouting of the ‘network of evidents’. There are many who feel the need of the ideas, and materializing these ideas is a step towards materializing a culture. Still vague organizers, organizers of what? Again, this is primarily a tool of literature, an attempt to gather the emotions of those who hear the call. It is expected that the reader agrees to some extent. What in the introduction is there to disagree with?


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